Nov 4, 2013 opal · ruby · euruko · lightning · talk · 2013

Euruko 2013 Opal lightining talk

For those who missed it here's the lightning talk I gave in Athens at Euruko 2013 (at minute 17:00):

Downlaod it here

(beware: the slides in the video have the wrong aspect raito)

Oct 10, 2013 opal · ruby · browser · meh · tabs · spaces

Reading meh's code


I don't always read meh's code
but when I do it, I convert tabs to spaces.

The bookmarklet: ↦ meh` (drag it to your bookmark bar)

UPDATE: Now works with GitHub expanding tabs to non-breaking-spaces (history here)

Aug 21, 2013 opal · ruby · browser · talk · slides · video · rails · javascript · italian

Opal Talk at RubyDay 2013 video availble!

Hey, the talk I gave at this year's (2013) RubyDay is now on youtube!
I'll update the post with the slides soon :)

(LANGUAGE: Italian).

Jul 3, 2013 ruby · rails · rails3 · railsapi · sdoc · documentation · docs · ruby2 · github · api

Past and Future of Ruby and Rails

As a sad orphan of I’m proud to present you valuable links to ruby and rails documentation in SDoc format:

Searchable Ruby 2.0 API documentation

Searchable Rails 3.2 API documentation

Mar 4, 2013 git · autocomplete · shorthand · shortcuts · bash

Autocomplete "git" as "g"

For all you lazy Git bums, here’s how you can type “g” got “git” and still have autocompletion (paste into your ~/.bash_profile or .dotfiles system):

alias g='git'
complete -o bashdefault -o default -o nospace -F _git g 2>/dev/null \
    || complete -o default -o nospace -F _git g
Feb 12, 2013 pow · jruby · hack · sockets · support

Let jRuby and Pow!™ be happy together

Turns out that Pow! won’t support jRuby anytime soon but the trick described in josh/nack#32 actually works, so rollup your shirt’s sleeves!

Go open node_modules/nack/lib/nack/server.rb inside ~/Library/Application Support/Pow/Current and replace sock.close_read on line 132 with:

# WAS: sock.close_read
rescue IOError
  raise unless RUBY_ENGINE == 'jruby'

Happy hacking!

Nov 29, 2012

rvm install opal

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Sep 29, 2012 safari · backtrace · rails

Get back Rails backtrace links on Safari 6

If you’re back to Safari and want your clickable Rails backtraces here’s the solution: Download RailsnStacktracenlinks.safariextz

Thanks to that made supereasy transform a userscript into a Safari extension.

Links again!

Aug 13, 2012 rubyday · 2012 · slides · rails · views · oop · instance variables · monkey island

[slides] Rails views for the OO-savvy Rubyist

Rails OO views from Elia Schito

note: transitions and music are lost with slideshare, but you can get an idea of them in this video:

Jun 14, 2012 rails · instance variables · ruby day · fun · mikamai

I'll speak at tomorrow!

I was asked to write about the talk I’ll give tomorrow at

Without giving away too much here’s a post I wrote some time ago about @instance_variables usage in Rails implementation.

Last I add a promise: it will be fun!

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